Oskar – The Pigeon Man

The Story

Memories are a fleeting thing. But Oskar is determined to keep them alive.

Pen and journal at the ready, Oskar keeps to his routine everyday. Dressed in his signature corduroy pants and flat cap, he walks by the bakery on 5th Street, picks up a croissant and continues on to the park to people-watch and talk to the birds.

To jog his memory, he shares his thoughts with the pigeons, mixing what he sees at the park with his own past.

As bits and pieces come back to him, Oskar writes his life down in his red notebook. What we get is not a story about memories lost but the ones we get to keep – the story Oskar told the birds.

Oskar The Pigeon Man Sketches
Oskar – The Pigeon Man


Adobe Photoshop

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