Poster Design “Mental Health Night”

During my semester abroad at Vilnius College of Design in Lithuania, we organized an event and workshop on how to deal with stress. The goal: Being more confident in addressing and dealing with all the things going through our minds.

To promote the event to local and exchange students at VDK, we designed social media posts for Instagram and Facebook as well as posters for the university hallways.

In order to communicate the honest and open vibe intended for the workshop, we went with a composition that shows a face that is literally “open”: The facial features are simply floating on the background, leaving our brain to complete the picture. The result is a dynamic stream of shapes combined with the clean, straight-forward feel of a vector illustration.

Coordination & Project Management: Xenia Marjanenko and Johannes Hambsch, Graphic Design & Illustration: Johanna Muckenhirn

Poster Design “Mental Health Night”


Adobe Illustrator

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